01 December, 2009

feral bananas

  • don't call me "dear." it may be nice in swahili or polish or italian or spanish or (presumably) dutch, german (well, maybe not german), latvian, french, urdu or portuguese, but in english it sounds patronising as shit and i get annoyed. thank you.

  • the polite thing to say is "thank you very much, i enjoyed it" even if you didn't. my mommy taught me that before kindergarten. i guess some people were raised by wolves.

  • foamy soap still makes me happy. i cannot get over that little frisson of joy each time i get surprised by foamy soap. foamy soap, i need more of you in my life!

  • polenta cake: crumbly and heavy high-maintenance cornbread or strangely delicious italian treat? jury is still out, but i do like my corn products so much more than corn.

  • i love the old ladies at curves who come with full old lady make-up, earrings, necklaces, puffy polyester shirts with a bow and perfectly coiffed hair. this is old skool class. breaking a sweat is totally unladylike. yes, i go to curves. kiss my increasingly firm ass.

  • one of mister monkey's co-workers recently asked him if lenin was called lenin because he came from leningrad. why yes! yes he was! good call on that one!

  • off to buy a birthday present for a 3-year old. a suggestion of a barney dvd was soundly rejected by yours truly. that'll be the day when i support the heinous cult of barney. i'd rather buy him porn.

edit. note: i did not buy a gift for the 3 year old. but don't worry, i didn't get him porn either. instead i got his mom a bottle of wine, because that's what mommies need.


Country Gent said...

Dear, dear Agnieszka. Don't take that one away from me too. It's endearing not patronizing. Endearing. Read it slowly.

the polish chick said...

you never call me dear. ever. i used to work with a woman, however, that used to say "dear" in a tone of voice that suggested "you utter moron."

you call me darlin, and that's a-ok by me.

Olaola said...

Ooh, that doesn't sound good in Polish at all at all... at least not to me ;) I can't stand being called "dear" in any language to be fair.

Funnily enough, I don't mind being called "doll". Huh.

Great blog, by the way :) I really like reading you.

the polish chick said...

welcome, olaola, glad you like my blather.

i suppose you're right. being called "kochana" sounds pretty damn patronizing too.
"doll", on the other hand, has an ironic, po-mo, fake-mustache wearing charm, i do admit.