05 December, 2009

don't wanna think 'bout nothin' no more

welcome to day two of the two day migraine.

today, topping the list of things that do not help: watching transformers (the movie)

ever seen? i'm sure i'm the last one on the planet and it pains me greatly to have broken my track record on this one. the movie was obviously written by a masturbating teenage boy prone to acne, with the linguistic skills of a developmentally delayed first grader and the social skills of a rotting yak corpse. yawn.

and really, if you were an alien robot of superior intelligence, would you choose to transform into a GM product? i suppose nobody would look for anything superior there, so it would be a good cover.

furthermore, a question that continues to baffle me - why would anyone want to be the secretary of defense? especially of an aggressive nation like the us of a? i mean, maybe albania, sure..."calling pitchfork one, come in pitchfork one" but the usa? too much stress, man. not interested.

good night, kind folks. kiss your wives and tuck your children in, cause you never know when a seriously cranky alien with enough plot holes to cause a massive intelligence hemorrhage will come crashing through your neighbourhood. two very weary thumbs down, but i already knew that going in.

edit. note: in retrospect, i ought to have explained why i was watching transformers in the first place. before you accuse me of spending money on shit, mr. monkey got the film for free when he purchased some electronic gizmo. and don't ask if i try everything that i get for free, because the answer, embarrassingly, is yes.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i'm going to use that last line in my lavalife profile.

fun post, polish chick!

- jools

Anonymous said...

Wow. Even I would not watch that movie and I have a pre-teen boy who makes me watch all kinds of crap. Hope you learned your lesson. Probably not, though.

the polish chick said...

now jools, did you mean the last line from my blog (re: free stuff) or the last line of the goddamn spammer: "Let`s take our chance together to get rid of nastiness of the life" which i admit is really really good.
i do wish i'd stop getting spammed. it pisses me off.

Anonymous said...

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