08 December, 2009

baking! cakes! free range dust bunnies!

ok, now i am seriously worried.

with the notable exception of christmas when all rules of normal behaviour are universally suspended, in the last decade or so, the only baking i have engaged in was the kind that needed nothing more than a bowl, a spoon, a pan and an oven. mixers? you gots to be kidding me! two bowls? i think not. creaming the ingredients of one bowl, sifting the ingredients of another, and then gently folding the one into the other? i laugh!

and now? now? well, let me tell you what has been happening here since our move to bc - i have just made a deeelicious lime-cardamon pound cake* (2 bowls, mixers, creaming then mixing), i have made a polenta cake (2 bowls, a mixer, beating egg whites, creaming, folding the whites into the cream mixture), several super easy apple cakes (that only involved one bowl but a fair amount of apple peelage, cuttage and tossage) and something else i can't remember at the moment (sugar rush) (butter rush?) (CAKE RUSH!!!)

so the question is, along with the plum butter canning and the joint sauerkraut venture with mr. monkey, am i becoming some kind of...super homemaker? you're worried, aren't you? god knows, next thing you know i'll give up drinking and cussing, and then where will we be?

but worry not, my little poultries, there are plenty of dust bunnies** lurking around our home, and i can assure you that no dusting of lintels has or shall be undertaken in the foreseeable future. yes, i launder with alarming regularity (it's so damn damp here, the towels never seem to dry), yes i just made some damn good mutter paneer, yes i even washed the windows of my own free will (but if you had a view like this you'd keep them clean as well), and finally, yes i seem to be entering The Baking Years, but i am still as slothful and slatternly as ever. and the drinking? no fucking way (although i might consider giving up the cussing)!

*i changed the recipe slightly - lime zest, cardamom and baked in a rectangular pan since i don't have a bundt pan...yet. also, all my cakes are made with fair trade turbinado sugar and locally harvested and ground organic red fife flour. sue me.
**my preferred method of farming dustbunnies is very humane and low impact - i simply wait until they reach adult size and i hand pick them. they are organic free range dust bunnies and i could not use a vacuum cleaner on them or my granola rating would be revoked.


Pitur said...

How is your plum butter? Bring some for xmas?

the polish chick said...

it's bloody delicious. don't know if i want to lug jars of it - heavy. but do drop by and we'll feed you some. and some sauerkraut too. vancouver island is nice. come on down (or up).