14 December, 2009

all about moi (but still mesmerising)

ok, i can't keep it to myself any longer: i am the shit. i have arrived in the world of blogging. yes sir. i am HERE.

what am i talking about? is it the several wonderful readers/commenters that i have acquired in the recent past (mainly by begging, pleading, being pathetic on other people's blogs and, in one case, by offering food porn)? well, that is a part of it (readers! who comment! who are strangers to me!), but, my little poultries, the true test of greatness is having hate mail and i have just gotten some. well, ok, maybe hate is a little strong. maybe it is dislike mail. or merely insult mail. or heck, a backhanded compliment mail.

the long and the short of it is that someone has been sucked into the vortex of my blather, read it for an hour, and then returned to call me stupid and tell me to shut up. i am all a-titter, i can hardly express it.

in other news, it is snowing. it is snowing so much that there is snow all over the things that are customarily covered by rain in these here parts. all the traditionally wet bits are now snowy and all the coloured bits are now white. this apparently rarely happens on vancouver island and from what i hear the national guard, the blue berets, the army and the slovakian male gymnastics team have all been called in to help. it feels good to be excited by a snow day, as opposed to having 7 consecutive months of them.

will you kick me if i tell you life is good?


Anne said...

Is it too late to hold out for food porn?

the polish chick said...

nope. give me a general subject area (soup/veg/cake or whatnot) and i can give you specific recipes.

i owe you - you gave me gratuitous comments and the promise of abs; it's the least i can do for you.

Anne said...

I had an eggplant terrine once that was divine. I don't remember much else about it, so replicating it shouldn't be too difficult, right?

Also, gratuitous abs: http://ow.ly/Mz9x

the polish chick said...

i have never made a terrine of any kind. ok, i guess i made a wide open invitation that i was unprepared to follow through.
i have just bought laura calder's lovely cookbook and i think she has some sort of eggplanty dish and some sort of terriney dish. i could look it up for you if you like.
as for the abs, sure they're nice, but i want some ON me (the abs, not the boys). i don't suppose that could be arranged online?

re: terrine
take two eggplants, wash, dry
-cut into paper thin slices
-fan slices out on a heavily buttered custard dish (no idea what that is, i just made it up)
-cover with several heads of garlic, delicately but thoroughly minced
-gently sprinkle fleur de sel in vague but elegant starfish pattern
-let eggplant marinade in garlic and salt overnight
-pour bottle of rum onto dish, reserving 2 cups
-set alight using a kitchen torch
-see what happens
-drink the reserved rum

what do you think?

Anne said...

Aubergine flambee, I love it. Especially the rum part. No wonder my starfish looks drunk.

As for abs, this seems to be the best the internet can do:http://ow.ly/MH4o
...unless you want to spend more than 6 seconds a day doing some sort of "activity"... srsly, who ARE these people? I have other things to do, like read the internet.

the polish chick said...

good lord, anne, those look like some sort of oysters! deeply disturbing. if that's what abs look like, i want no part of them!

Anne said...

I know, aren't they awful? The ones on my muscle chart for Anatomy are vastly more attractive.

Therefore, with the powers vested in me by the Internet Eternum, I *bing!*
grant you the power and privilege not to care.

the polish chick said...

aaah. much better. thanks, anne! you're an angel!