18 November, 2009

self esteem is for losers

have you heard about this "homework ban" wherein the family of children too overwhelmed by the high stress world of...ahem...existence negotiates with the school to ban homework altogether?

pity the little ones - homework! from school! every day! what can they be thinking, those inhuman monsters some like to call teachers? surely it is WRONG and worse than that, surely it is Detrimental To The Children's Self-Esteem! and god knows, anything that even remotely deteriorates one's self esteem is the product of satan, no two ways about it.

frankly, i am seriously thinking of suing my parents, the edmonton catholic school board and the government of canada for good measure, for all the years in which i did homework, homework that destroyed me, injured my brain, irretrievably took away the time i could have spent playing pacman or reading teen fashion magazines, time, in short, that could have given me a stronger sense of myself, thus Improving My Self-Esteem. 

i'd especially like to sue my parents for allowing me to read well before grade 1 thus depriving me of at least several years of blissfully sweet ignorance, for pushing me to Excel Academically, for expecting Results, for demanding Attendance and, horror of horrors, rewarding me for Making The Honour Roll. what cruel fate to have landed me with parents whose primary motivation was for me to Succeed in School, rather than massaging my trembling self esteem like a kobe beef, hoping that one day i too could be a puffed up loser with a tremendous sense of self importance which, as we all know, is the true measure of success.



Pitur said...

high self esteem = douchebaggery (if such word exist).

the polish chick said...

yes. especially if it is self esteem not actually grounded in anything like success or skill. i was praised for actual achievements, not just for particularly melodic farts or artistic endeavours using felt pens on newly painted walls, which meant that praise earned was a reflection of some kind of success, not just the very fact of existence which, frankly, kids have precious little say in.
can you tell this is one of my pet peeves? right up there with raisins!

Anonymous said...

go, daddy! i think it's awesome. i certainly got my share of bullsh*t assignments. it's a fact: there are some lazy, thoughtless teachers out there.

Geneviève said...

As you may have expected, I can't totally agree with you viewpoint here. I think kids spend altogether too much time at school and also too much time doing homework. There isn't much time left over for extracurricular activities and just plain play. Sacha is writing lines for words he gets wrong in dictation, which has been proven to be completely useless pedagogically. Total waste of time. Then there's the teacher last year who assigned tons of math to do at home because SHE didn't like to teach it. Anyway, there is some value in homework (like the book report he's working on now) but much of it is bullshit. And yes, there are many lazy teachers out there, just like there are lazy people in every profession. I think you're just born that way, like a certain boy I know.

the polish chick said...

ah g, but i am not in favour of stupid homework. i once went to the principal in highschool because our sad alcoholic social teacher gave us in-class assignments like "make a collage about what canada means to me using these glossy mags and a glue stick" and i felt this was a waste of time. i agree about stupid homework, but i do feel that a lot of lazy parents will use this as an out.

Sue said...

My favorite saying, as you know, is "Prepare not the path for the child, prepare the child for the path". What do you think that parent is setting their child up for?