04 November, 2009

sauerkraut or bust

the homemade sauerkraut, in case you've been gnawing bits of yourself in wild suspense, turned out fucking delicious! it's lovely how salt+veg+time=production of lactic acid and non specific healthiness and yumminess.

it's too bad north america is so bloody dumb about food. (no, i won't go on a rant again. i promise, but you know what i'm thinking!...ok, maybe just a little rant. a rantlet, if you will.)

they look at fermented foods and giggle nervously, they make fart jokes in the presence of sauerkraut (don't get me started on how using the german word does absolutely nothing to improve this lovely beast's culinary cred - choucroute you'd eat, non? sauerkraut? nein! eh! we call it kapusta kiszona, which just rolls off the tongue, don't it?), they turn up their noses at the vermilion glory that is kim chi, they think pickles require vinegar and that sour milk is a bad thing.

north america, get your head out of your overpackaged, overprocessed ass, and go ferment something! git!

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Anonymous said...

vermillion glory!