03 November, 2009

mr. & mrs. monkey, circa 2040

this morning, in a walk-in clinic waiting room

ancient and wrinkled husband: grumble grumble mumble mummummble grum grum.

ancient and wrinkled wife: huh?

aawh: grumble grumble mumble mummummble grum grum!

aaww: what?

aawh: GRUMBLE GRumble mumble mummummble grum GRUM!

aaww: i can't hear what you are saying. *turns away*

aawh: grumble grumble mumble mummummble grum grum.

aaww: ah.

i suspect she still didn't know what he was saying but got tired of the ridiculously low tones that managed to simultaneously lacerate my eardrums, reset my cardiac rhythm and shatter all the urine sample receptacles while remaining completely incomprehensible to any species outside of bats.


Anonymous said...
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Joan said...

Oooh. Comment removed! Bad comment!

the polish chick said...

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