25 November, 2009

duh duh and a bottle of rum

1. mister monkey forbade me going out and getting more liquor "until we finish what's there." oddly enough, i went along with this inanity for weeks before realising that "what's there" is a bar, and a bar should always be stocked with a mouthwatering variety of drinkies, not treated like a fridge filled with various slightly moldy edibles. so i went out and i stocked up.

2. mister monkey was taking his vitamins and i wanted in on it, so i asked for one.

mr.m: but it's the cute enzyme 10! it's for my heart, you don't need it.
moi: it's also for youthfulness.
mr. monkey (accidentally having poured a whole hill of CQ10 into his palm, looks up at me, looks at the pills, looks up at me): have a lot.


3. so far, i like the rain but let's talk in 2 months.

4. i have thus far handed out resumes to most of nanaimo and the surrounding towns, and for the most part been given not an ounce of hope. yesterday i got a call from a dentist who gratuated with me. he also dated my friend. did he have a job to offer me? no. why did he call? because he couldn't quite remember who i was. did the call help? i doubt it. but, hey, thanks for getting my hopes up, and just so you know, my friend thought you were an idiot.

5. today i shall attempt to perfect my cannelloni which, if i do say so myself, is pretty close to perfect already but i will add bechamel sauce. jealous? you ought to be.

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