02 November, 2009

anybody want a peanut?

where: the shoppers drug mart at the corner of commercial and broadway

when: late enough in the day that "it was early" could not be used as an excuse; early enough that the opposite would have failed just as miserably in explaining our behaviour. we were sober. 

why: mister monkey and i, in anticipation of frequent weekend jaunts into vancouver, decided to purchase a couple of transit ticket books. easy, no? no.

moi: (brightly) hi, do you buy...gobble gobble mugglbrk...*smacks self on forehead*...let's try that again... *points at mister monkey in desperation*

mr. monkey: (brightly) hi, do you sell traffic tickets?

moi: (red faced) he meant transit tickets! transit tickets! for the vancouver transit! in a little book! two of them!

mr. monkey: we're not from around here. we're from alberta. that's why we're like this.

1 comment:

Joan said...

The Mr actually said that? Too funny