26 October, 2009

yum yum yum

one night in victoria (hint: not the night spent in the emergency room) we went out to the cactus club for dessert. we ordered a pumpkin cheesecake and rob feenie's own chocolate peanut butter crunch bar. both were delicious. 

the cheesecake was moist and just sweet enough with little spicy globs of pumpkin placed judiciously throughout to whisper "autumn" to your palate instead of just whacking you over the head repeatedly with a slightly moldy jack-o-lantern. subtle, grown-up, niiiice...

the chocolate peanut butter crunch bar was heaven. it was peanuty, creamy, crunchy, chewy and moist in all the right places. the decorative "crunchy chocolate pearls" tasted like last year's easter bunny earwax, so i let mister monkey eat them, but the overwhelming sensation was one of joyous familiarity. eventually it dawned on me that it tasted exactly like a cadbury  wunderbar, but cost 7 bucks.

bon appetit

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. Now I need chocolate. And I already ate half a box of Panda black licorice today.