07 October, 2009

yay!(and not so yay)

i just found out that one of my closest friends will come and stay with us on friday and i am thrilled beyond belief. this sweetens an evening that was all manner of plaid:
  1. mister monkey came home really early (good)
  2. went driving looking for a hike, got lost (bad)
  3. spent too much time driving around the oddly circular and often twice-named streets of nanaimo (bad)
  4. found the hike and it was lovely (good)
  5. walked it at over 6km/h and got some honest to goodness cardio in (good)
  6. discovered a local farm market with decent live wednesday music and damn good pumpkin pie (good)
  7. got some news (simultaneously good and bad, though mostly good for us, maybe, in a bit, don't know yet, will wait and see)
  8. made some phone calls re: above (ditto)
  9. found out the missing tray of silverware is still in our old house in edmonton, totally missed by mister twitchy mcspastic mover guy in a drawer (good/bad - good it was found as it contained both of my 1. imported and 2. expensive garlic presses and i am sick to the DEATH of chopping garlic by hand like some medieval kitchen wench, yo! and mister monkey's grandmother's silver teaspoons, bad it was left behind but i will leave it to the moving company to deal with the consequences of their hiring practices (yeah, sure the drug-addicted and the mentally retarded deserve a second chance but not when it impacts me in a negative way in any way, shape, or form, y'all hear?!?!??))
  10. got a call from g saying they'll drop by and see us (GOOD!!!)

now to excavate the borrowed mattress from behind the tottering pile of boxes containing books. and find bedding. and purchase girly drinks that g will drink (can you even fathom a woman of the french persuasion who doesn't drink wine? that'd be like a polish chick who doesn't drink vodka...oh...wait...never mind.)

don't know what the final score is, but hot dog, tomorrow i'm going to victoria on business. see if i make it there and back in one piece.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you! One more sleep.
Good night gorgeous.

carlos said...

my wife is polish too. Where you born in poland? My wife comes from near poznan

the polish chick said...

yup, born there and lived there for 8 years before i was whisked off to other places. still speak, read and write it fluently (more on less, depending on the number of glasses of wine i've consumed).

congratulations on your wife - polish women rock!