03 October, 2009

there's more to life than a red delicious, ya know?

yup, having learned my lesson last night (i wasn't sick or weaving or dancing on tables or undressing in public or anything, just feeling a trifle overwhelmed by the first half of the second glass of g&t, though much of the blame lies at mister monkey's door what with his use of the creative ratio of 4 parts gin to 1 part tonic) tonight i am drinking rum and mango juice. 

hell, i earned it. we climbed a (smallish but steepish) mountain, got lost coming AND going, were overtaken by a family with 4 tiny children, a baby and a fragile looking old lady (on account of getting lost and, instead of taking the wide path, scrambling up the sheer cliff hanging on for dear life to clumps of grass and swearing uproariously (me, not mister monkey, he takes vertical climbs in stride. i, on the other hand, do not: just ask cher monsieur antoine.))

we saw a bit of the island today: ladysmith, chemainus, duncan and that mountain. saw signs to watch for in the future (wineries! lots!), visited a farm stand where they had apples i have never even heard of and fresh, homemade PIE! (i cannot help myself, each time i say it i say it with a deep southern accent really really loudly, like this: PIE!!!) and candied local salmon which was very very delicious and made our fingers smell fishy. this looks like the place to be, if you can ignore the clear cuts and the sheer bloodymindedness of overenthusiastic developers who see the untrammeled wildness of the rainforest and dream of the boredom of civilized lawns. 

overall a good day. would have been better if there was a couch to lounge on and music to listen to, but that is coming soon enough. we are grasping now what it is that we have been missing for the better part of the last 5 years, what with one reno and then another: life. we think we like it.


Anonymous said...

Did yeah check out the Murals?

the polish chick said...

yup. very nice. at first i thought you meant some kind of apple and i really couldn't remember there were THAT many kinds of apples.
there was also a pixie shop going out of business - all lopsided elf paintings, crystals and drapy crushed velvet dresses...sad, really, that today's economy cannot support someone's preteen unicorn fantasies...