25 October, 2009

so tard

here's what i'm so tard of these days:

  1. "style blogs" wherein hipsterrific lads and ladies tell us their latest discoveries. filled to the brim with delicate drawings of deer, pink floral rompers, repurposed furniture and key necklaces. yawn. urban outfitters has already cleaned out your local salvation army and is selling the stuff with a stiff mark-up. anthropologie has done it too and better. move on. start a new trend. do something original. do NOT write about how you really think that frilly 80's jumper is so hot because it's not. trust me. it just isn't.
  2. lilies.
  3. teenage girls with The Bang.
  4. jars everywhere. on the shelves. on top of counters. inside cupboards. filled, empty, sterilised, waiting to be sterilised, jars, jars, jars - it's like martha goddamn stewart exploded inside my house and not in a good way.

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