27 October, 2009

the pickling, it just goes on and on

mister monkey has all the self-restraint of a 3 year old, when it comes to things he wants to pickle. 

hey! quoth he, let's make sauerkraut!
but, quoth i, we have no room! every spare bit of space is currently occupied with pickled plums, pickled pears, plum butter and wine. where shall we put the barrel (being a purist, i'm thinking barrels), in the goddamn bedroom?
sure, quoth he, the bedroom would be perfect.

so off i go, on an internet errand, trying to figure out how to make sauerkraut. the problem with this is such: canadian recipes feature vinegar or wine or some other sourifying substance where the whole goddamn point of this exercise is for it to self-pickle, ferment and become insanely healthy (if slightly malodorous) so that we don't get scurvy and die.

polish recipes, on the other hand, take it for granted that you and several generations before you have pickled all manner of things for years and years and years and thus require only the slightest prod in the right direction. polish recipes count on you having cooked feasts for dozens with your grandmother from the age of 2 onward, and say things like "add enough flour to achieve the right consistency" or "mix until ready" and have, on more than one occasion, resulted in me drinking my way out of a bind or going out to eat.

so, we kind of eyeballed it, took the average from several different recipes and so far, the house doth not smell.

will keep you posted.

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