17 October, 2009

the "lipstick on a pig" syndrome

today i put away our books (yes, alphabetically - is there another way? no, i didn't think so) while mister monkey pickled the shit out of pears and plums. it was a nauseatingly domestic kind of weekend and i liked it. a lot. i even washed the windows without any reason other than that they seemed a wee bit foggy and, damn, we gots a view out here with eagles and shit!

we stopped by home depot to pick up some sort of specialized screw type thingy to screw the shelves to the wall so that they do not topple and bury me under my complete secret danielle steele oeuvre* and as soon as we walked in - BAM! the smell hit us: the smell of wood, orange polyester aprons, tile adhesive and HGTV-fuelled aspirations of middle class north america...the smell of 3 years of our life lost into the spinning vortex of home renovation. 

mister monkey went on auto-pilot and spent a long time cruising the aisles looking for just the right screw until he shook himself, said "screw it!" and grabbed the first pack available before waltzing the hell out of there. we're so done with that shit...until the next time.

*i am so kidding about that. if even for a second you thought that i was serious, i am totally walking out of here and NEVER speaking to you again. 

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