23 October, 2009

it's a tradegy

tonight, watching the 1996 film, romeo & juliet:

scene - dumb teenage lovers overreact: romeo is too busy swooning to notice juliet waking until after he has taken the perfume sample poison. juliet overreacts and reaches for the gun.

mr. monkey: that's so sad. no, no, don't do it. no, don't do it. no. it'll be messy. don't do it.
moi: she's gonna do it.

juliet does it. falls onto romeo. problem solved.

mr. monkey: that's just the entry wound. there's a lot of brain on his shoulder. that's just not good. 
moi: it's romeo and juliet. it always ends this way.
mr. monkey: that's so sad.
moi: yes, yes it is.

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