04 October, 2009

bc parks guide to bear safety (paraphrased roughly but fairly accurately by yours truly)

black bears

you can climb a tree, but keep in mind the bear might climb after you

walk away slowly, and speak in a soft monotone, running and screaming might be perceived as signs of aggression

do not attempt to fight the bear, however as a last resort, you can attempt to hit it with a large object. this might not work. but it might. but probably not.


playing dead is a good option. which might not work. but what else are ya gonna do?

attempting to fight the bear has been known to result in more aggressive bear response but might also cause the bear to go away. but it might not. 

it's a good thing we read this after our bear encounter. as i saw the animals i do remember hoping like hell that they were indeed black bears and not grizzlies in drag. as it is, i don't follow directions well when i am panicking so had we read the directions prior to our encounter, i might have grabbed a stick and ran screaming toward the bears, only to recollect myself, drop down and play dead when i reached them. this might have worked. or not.

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