02 October, 2009

gin and tonic? ok, i'll have one...make it two...doubles? ok!

hi. yes, you know what time it is. it is drunk post time. i think, however, that it will be a tame one, lacking sexual confessions or dark and dirty secrets of a political nature. i know, i know, and i'm sorry.

tonight my husband and i went to the early show, then came home and he plied me with gin and tonics while he whipped up a simple yet delicious supper. we had drinks, good food and the odd bit of chit-chat. odd? not for the average person, for us, however, this felt like a milestone, as does the plan for tomorrow - starting with homemade breakfast and an island day trip. 

it just feels so very very strange to not have a day filled with various types of home improvements; so odd to have a wonky deck door that we do not have to deal with; bizarre to see mister monkey whipping around the kitchen making delicious things to eat. ah. this is what others call life, is it? nice. i could get used to this.

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