06 October, 2009

animals, take note and cower!

i walked into my newly set-up living room and suddenly noted the following:

  1. leather sofa (cow skin, i presume? i don't know though, on account of all the important bits having been removed prior to sofafication)
  2. sheep wool rug (knitted, my poultries, knitted)
  3. cow hide floor cushions (ok, not knitted)
  4. newly acquired second hand gigantic sheep skin from, one assumes, a big fat north american sheep who lived (and died) on a diet of mcdonald's
i think that the only thing missing is a chandelier lovingly hand-crafted from antlers and beef jerky.

all this was purely unintentional but does not bode well for my soul searching at this dietary cross roads (to meat or not to meat). i used to say, when confronted by those aghast at my semi-vegetarianism juxtaposed with my penchant for furry neckwear, "i didn't eat the fucking thing." what, oh what, will i say if i do decide to take the bull by the horns and bite a chunk of his yummy yummy rump?

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