14 September, 2009

we're engaged!!!!

we just spent a lovely weekend in vancouver: the weather was gorgeous, our hosts lovely, and the only issue was the fact that my schweinegrippe refused to go away.

but it isn't only the h1n1 virus that is in the air, oh no, there is also romance (good god, as far as segues go, this one should be locked up in a padded room and medicated until it stops hearing voices). anyhoo - back to the romance.

everyone will have to agree with me that vancouver is one helluva photogenic city, and all over the west end couples were having "we're engaged!!!" photos taken by professional photographers with their harried assistants holding the light diffusing sails. the women were coiffed, the men were manly, the photographers were professional and the assistants were...harried. 

now if you know me, you know i find the idea of "we're engaged!!!" photos repulsive. i mean, come on. so you're engaged. ok. good. this love on display thing really makes me queasy.
one thing that's obvious, though - if there is one industry that is recession proof, it's the Young People Lacking Imagination Spending Their Parents' Money industry. blech.

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