27 September, 2009

fur on the tongue and a headache

the movers come tomorrow to pack up our precious belongings. i pray not one of my tasteful collection of china dogs gets chipped. that would really suck. it will be interesting to sit there and watch someone else do the work though (ok, you could say i have been doing just that the entire period of my unemployment, but the thing is, i have never actually seen mister monkey at his post. not ever. so it doesn't count.)

in other news: last night we went to a wedding bash. because i won a best out of three at rock-paper-scissors (i papered his rock, followed by two ties) i was the designated drinker. alas, my body said enough after two glasses of wine, while mister monkey's continued to holler an enthusiastic yes to a generous and varied selection of pretty much everything the bar had to offer so i drove. guess who had the hangover this morning. fuck.

1 comment:

Pitur said...

that is so funny. I heard Mr. M. was supposed to be the DD, but I thought you took a cab when I saw him buzzed.