03 September, 2009

car snacks and cucumbers

on our road trip to tofino we brought the usual suspects: carrot sticks, hummus, tomatoes and a large english cucumber because it's fun to whip it out of your backpack in public and wave it around in a vaguely threatening manner. and then you can even eat it if you want.

mr. monkey: you know what i'd like with my hummus? some nicely julienned cucumber sticks...
moi: (looking around at the rather complete lack of knife in car)...
mr. monkey: ?
moi:(grabbing the cucumber, lightly using my incisors to break the skin and forming something somewhat but not entirely unlike slices) SNAP!
mr. monkey: i asked for julienned sticks not chew medallions, woman!
moi: snarf! chew medallions! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SNAP! here's another one.
mr. monkey: (sullenly chewing)

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