24 August, 2009

why, old people, why?!?!?!?

why are you trying to kill me, motherfuckers? you're obviously doing well, what with the brand new shiny automobile that you choose to use as a dirigible of death, as you suddenly and for no apparent reason swerve into my lane, the lane that i am currently occupying, meaning no one any harm, just driving calmly in my goddamn motherfucking lane until you decide in your old decrepit brain that your lane is a far inferior lane and must henceforth be changed to my lane, the lane, in case you didn't get it the first time, that I AM CURRENTLY IN.

and if my laying on the horn scared you, then i must admit i do not currently give a shit because you almost killed me there and then and THAT would have made me oh so mad. 

old people, you are bad drivers; you are blind and deaf and frightened. old people, take a motherfucking cab, so i can live to move to b.c., ok?  ok.

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