15 August, 2009

things that go bump in the night and potatoes (which mostly don't)

one of the problems with the beast in the wall is that it causes me to have nightmares involving the beast in the wall. i had a bad night last night: cold, alone, pursued by nighttime demons, listening to the beast in the wall, and suddenly finding myself thinking furiously about the farmers' market baby potatoes that are languishing in my fridge.

that's when i got mad.

i had to give myself a stern talking to. i mean imagine, with the renos, house sale, packing and moving on my mind, do i really need to be worrying about the state of my potatoes? i think not. 

throw in beast in the wall and global climate change into the equation and i think i have plenty to worry about without even considering root vegetables.

sometimes i really do annoy myself.

then i look at how fab my legs and butt are starting to look with the thrice weekly run and i sort of get over the potato paranoia and chronic insomnia. who cares about mental instability when your ass looks good?

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