02 August, 2009

punctuation punks

alright, you all know how much i hate it when people use ellipses instead of commas. what i am looking for is a little input regarding a phenomenon i have been witnessing on facebook, that communal repository of wit and wisdom, in the last little while. it is a sort of hybrid punctuation that goes something like this:

"were you at the ex today...? cool...i was there too...!!!!"

why the delayed question mark? why the delayed exclamation marks? what is the psychological and/or philosophical basis for this? 

is the writer a little slow on the uptake (YES!) and thus forced to take his time processing the query or the excitement? now i have met some slower-paced people who actually speak with ellipses, but what i wouldn't give to hear someone say the sentence above.

do something for me, my little poultries, tell a friend what a comma is and how it differs entirely from ellipses. have your friend pass this on to others. in time, we might eradicate the true pandemic that is sweeping the world - grammatical ignorance. thank you.


Geneviève said...

What's with your lack of capitalization.

the polish chick said...

THAT'S just sheer laziness. and i know where the big letters go. also, it doesn't change the meaning of what i am trying to say, so there!