01 August, 2009

one more drunk post? why thank you, i believe i shall.

you know how you're not supposed to drink and drive (at least not while you're pregnant) or drink and propose, or drink and...blog? anyhow, i often lose both my patience and my inhibitions after that third glass of wine and this time i decided to caulk. i caulked two bits of the bathtub that were threatening to turn into black mold right under my watchful gaze if not dealt with right this very second, and one bit of the fireplace surround, but i had to give that up because i was going a wee bit wobbly. 

still, it's not always a good thing to undertake home renovating projects while under the influence of The Grape. i (vaguely) remember putting an ikea coffee table together while tipsy. it's still together, although bits of it had to be reassembled once i a) sobered up and b) got an actual flathead screwdriver instead of a butter knife.

the more interesting thing happened when i put together a storage shelving unit. that was not the problem: i assembled it flawlessly. the problem was putting the storage shelving unit inside the storage room. something in the space time continuum refused to add up and i ended up (drunk), with a shelving unit jammed crossways into the storage room, levitating in an off kilter sort of way, refusing to budge in either direction. mister monkey had a good laugh. 

no wonder, though, that he refuses to let me play with electrical outlets and such: he knows my propensity to play drunken holmes on homes, and isn't yet in the mood to go shopping for a new wife.

good night. 

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