11 August, 2009

locust sammich

so i survived yet another folk fest, along with its corollary social activities. we had our annual folk fest BBQ (this year's theme was The BBQ-less BBQ, on account of us not having a BBQ) which was attended by the usual suspects and failed to be attended by those whose attendance is, at best, spotty. i went to workshops, got a sunburn and even spent a good hour or two in the beer gardens. the music was fine although this year failed to produce the sort of wows and awe that characterized last year.

good friends, good times, good music: all good. i must be getting old, though, because i am glad it is now over and i can go back to my normal hermit-like existence (eating locusts in the back yard, wearing nothing but the loincloth i fashioned out of dead squirrels).

and now? it's off to grout i go.

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