13 August, 2009

i got some 'splainin' to do

for the last few weeks/months i've been working my ass off making our little house a total gem. just so we could sell it. this is not the first time we've pulled a stunt like that and i just hope that one day, one day soon, we will work our asses off on a home that we'll actually plan to live in. 

as a consequence of the above stress (plus not knowing until literally last week if/when/where we are going to go next) i have been cranky. and i have been really trying hard not to be THAT person: the one you start to avoid after a while because she's just a cranky old bitch who has nothing good to say about anything.

so maybe i should just shut up since people do tend to pick out only the negatives i spout (and you'll all agree (all 3 of you) that i spout a lot) and i am not only tired of being negative but also tired of being seen as only negative, especially since a) i've really been trying and b) i do not believe that to be the case. i like to think of myself as more of an opinionated realist with a side of tentative optimism.

yes, i hate hummers. but i also love my mister monkey, my friends, my life overall, my (soon to be ex) city, my family, music, books, my (soon to be ex) province, good food and wine and even some little children. i'm not a total ogre and i am finding it less and less funny to be called one, even if it's for a laugh: oh that monkey woman, she's always bitching. well, i'm not. at least i'm trying not to.

yes, my life has been stressful. yes, we are selling our lovely house. yes, we are moving to the glorious vancouver island. yes, i've been spending days inhaling paint/grout/epoxy fumes. please, be a little patient with me. i'm trying to be nicer because truly, i'm so incredibly thankful for my life, even if at times it drives me nuts, that i wouldn't want anyone (least of all a higher power if such a beast exists) to not realise that. 

the end.

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Anonymous said...

I'm trying too! It's hard for us because our opinions are so very interesting. And mostly correct too. Poor us.

Can't wait for you to move out here. When, when, when will you be here???