03 August, 2009

hurray for stupid!!!

i was sitting on my front steps in my ultra sexy painting get up, waiting for a friend.
my phone rang and it was her:

"i'm right in front of your house."
"um, no, you're not. because i'm right in front of my house and i don't see you."
"oh. good thing i didn't ring the doorbell. what's your address again?"
i gave her my address and asked her what car she drove so i could keep an eye out for her.
"a little smart car."

so i went back to my steps, had another sip of wine and lo, what's this? is this a smart car i see coming up the street? why yes!

i proceeded to run to the front of my yard, waving my arms frantically and jumping up and down (just a little).

there were two strange men in that smart car and they gave me the nervous smile reserved for that crazy street person on the corner. the smile you hope is calming, the smile you hope will tell the demons to relax, the smile you hope will let you walk away alive, unscathed. yes, that smile.

i deflated and sheepishly walked back to my stoop. seconds later she arrived in her smart car.


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