11 August, 2009

grout grout grout

my supper tonight was a big bowl of homegrown salad with homemade vinaigrette and a bowl of sunchips, washed down with red wine.

i had a huge hankering for bi bim bap but the two i hollered at to arrange a sociable bi bim bap consumption failed to respond. bi bim bap seems like a friendly food so instead of heading to bul-go-gi house alone and burying my nose in a book like the pathetic loner that i am, i had the nutritionally balanced meal i mentioned above. 

then (at 10:30 ish or so) i entered the tub and began to grout. then i exited the tub and began to blog.

good lord, my life is the stuff fairy tales are made of: complete lack of any social interaction, marked failure to consume korean food and excessive grouting. why go anywhere else when you can get it all right here?

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