15 August, 2009

the french certainly know how to do it

movies, that is! what did you think i meant? you dirty minded poultries!

i just got back from summer hours with my aunt and cousin-in-law. this is a movie that would implode if hollywood got within ten feet of it. a movie in which nothing much happens which brings to a sharp focus the kind of movie watching i am used to because each time a character gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, i expect a fiery crash. each time two characters rummage through their newly deceased mother's étagère, i expect them to uncover evidence of unspeakable acts or the mummified ear of a missing relative. none of this happens. they disagree, they discuss their disagreements, they come to terms with them, they move on. life moves on.

the 72 year old actress who plays the mother makes me wonder what it is that french women know that lets them age so gracefully: she is gorgeous and not in that horrifyingly plastic tight-as-a-drum joan rivers way. let me tell you, if i can manage to look like that at 72, i will have all the pool boys i want. in fact, given the toll that stress has been taking on my skin lately, i'd settle for looking like her when i hit 40. 

lovely movie. you might want to check it out.

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