25 August, 2009

bivalve mollusks beat rhovane, crowd goes wild

my mantra for last night: peaceful and clam
worked like a charm - i managed to fall asleep within a reasonable amount of time sans pharmaceuticals. bivalve mollusks will henceforth be my go-to mantra for tough ADD brain-rodent nights.

my dinner last night: glass of sauvignon blanc, a bowl of baci gelato and a peach so ripe its juices ran down my arm and into the sink

my stress levels: meh.

the whole breathing thing: meh.

other stuff of varying importance: bit through the fear and paranoia and bought aeroplane tickets to nanaimo for this friday, right after having thrown a rather embarrassing freaky fit to mister monkey on the phone about how stressful it is for me to go online and pick dates and such and get on a plane to see him. i'm embarrassed to even write this. talk about rich white girl's entitlement blues. but i persevered, i did. others die for their convictions, me? i buy aeroplane tickets to a beautiful island location to see my husband. ijit? u-huh.

randomnessity: stole a brand new chatelaine magazine from work. yah! 


Pitur said...

is that permanent? or just a weekend thing? Monkey working there already?

the polish chick said...

2.5 weeks, back for le wedding.