15 July, 2009

world, meet margaret, margaret, meet the world

last weekend mister monkey built me a bicycle. she is red and skinny and her name is margaret. she has yellow electrical tape for handlebars and she cost three dollars. that's right, i have a three dollar bike. 

at some point during the building process mister monkey asked me if i would be embarrassed to ride margaret and i must say, i was a little offended: after 10+ years he ought to know me well enough - this be the girl who boldly proclaims to the heavens that she is wearing a 5 dollar skirt to anyone who will listen. i'm no lover of designer duds, unless said designer duds are spectacularly cheap. so, no, i don't mind!

how did i get a three dollar bike, you ask? our next door neighbours accidentally moved to texas, or at least it seemed like a last minute accidental sort of thing because they left half their chattel in the driveway. my aunt got 4 chairs, various random strangers got baby buggies, tables, desks, vinyl LPs, lamps, plastic toys and anything else you could possibly imagine. i got a beautiful pottery bowl and mister monkey picked up a bike carcass, two wheels and several tires. all that was missing was some handlebars and we picked those up for, you guessed it, three dollars, at the edmonton bicycle commuters.

being a total bike ignoramus (all i know is which end goes first) i figured building a bike would be a convoluted and excruciatingly difficult process that involved welding, rolling out metal, sweating profusely and doing it all in some sort of factory setting. nope - margaret was built in a couple of hours in our back yard.

i took her for a ride and she rides fast and bony. mister monkey once told me that the sportier the vehicle the more you feel the ride. by extrapolation then, margaret rides like a testarossa. she kinda looks like a ferrari, too, but that's just me. 

one thing, though - she is a single speed, on account of the gear thingie being unusable, so i have joined the ranks of single speed riding emo kids, the very subculture i have been making fun of for months and months. i guess i'll have to get me some tight pants and an asymmetrical haircut now...oh well.

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Pitur said...

don't forget the disdain for anyone who rides a bike with more than one speed. You are the purist after all.