26 July, 2009

tales from the great little tour of southern alberta

1. drumheller:
if you are interested in dinosaurs or have children who are, drumheller is great. the royal tyrrell museum is lovely and has the added bonus of air conditioning, which our enviro-car lacks. sadly, we discovered that we are not at all interested in dinosaurs. 

highly highly highly recommend this little oasis in the middle of the prairies. got the last room in the only hotel around: jacuzzi tub, king size bed, the whole works. i discovered that after 37 seconds (give or take a second) of filling up the two person jacuzzi tub, i could not do it. the earth is short of good quality potable water and i simply could not waste a double tubful just to cool my mosquito bitten ass. 

stunning park, gorgeous mountains, lovely lake and a town taken over by dumb tame deer who pee in the lake right before drinking the water. the most overpriced crappy hotel we have ever stayed in complete with drunken polish people (not us, oddly enough). i loved the stunning array of vegetation that both jasper and banff lack. expect to see loads of botanical porn when i upload the trip photos.

4. pincher creek area/crowsnest pass highway/hwy 22:
if you've never driven this particular stretch of alberta highway, get in your vehicle right now and go. that's all i'm saying. 

5. canmore:
oh how we love thee, canmore. too bad you've sold your body to the highest bidder. still, for a corporate whore, you is a hottie.

6. hwy 93:
one of the loveliest stretches of highway in the world. sadly, i've done this so many times i think i might be immune. still, we hiked up to see the pile of brown ice cubes that remains of the columbia icefield. and then a quick little jaunt to horseshoe lake which looked roughly like whyte avenue on saturday night: groups of loud tattooed young'uns (backwards baseball caps and goatees optional but encouraged) sprinkling cigarette butts, beer cans, muddy t-shirts and soggy towels all over one of the loveliest spots in the area. public decapitation for littering might solve the problem.

7. jasper:
when viewed back to back with canmore, jasper sadly suffers from a disturbing lack of trees and in-town body of water. still, it isn't the shiny little sell-out that canmore is (more of a sad skinny ho with missing front teeth.) went our for korean (sentimental reasons) and found that edmonton's korean restaurants deliver twice the goods at half the price: have you ever walked away hungry from bibimbap? i didn't think so.

and now we're home.

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