30 July, 2009

a steak by any other name...

as i drove by a fruit bouquet boutique i realised that there is a huge business opportunity that is being ignored by the Public Displays of Affection industry. sure, you can send a bouquet of flowers, you can send a bunch of cookies-on-a-stick, there are lollipop and candy arrangements and the aforementioned skewered fruit, but one thing we have not yet bouquetized, and i for one think it's high time, is meat. the sausage-o-gram would be an instant hit, i am certain of it. 

how about it? anyone in my audience (of 3) with the requisite business sense? i can be the ideas man: i am polish, i know my sausage (i may not eat it, but i know it).

who wouldn't want to receive a wurst ikebana to celebrate one's 6th wedding anniversary? a jerky garland for grandma? how about an engagement pork chop posy? maybe a lamb lei for your love? 

i think i may be on to something.

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