28 July, 2009

the royalty of cheese

one of the items we took along with us on our little trip, was mclaren's imperial cheese product. this is a european style processed cheese product (differing from north american style processed cheese product in that it actually contains cheese) which proclaims on its perky red package that it is "carefully aged." you have no idea how good this made us feel, so much better than the industry standard of just tossing it any-old-where and hoping for the best:

bob (cheese product aging manager): mabel, 'ave you seen the cheese? don't seem to recall where i put it. i think it might be done right about now.

mabel (executive assistant to cheese product aging manager): not rightly sure, bob. i think i might have seen it last month in the janitorial supplies closet...behind the mop bucket.

thank goodness for careful aging. far less hair and rat droppings that way.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE Imperial Cheese!! It's always been a tradition to have it at the Folk Fest with Kalya and Eric (which sadly I will miss this year). But I'll be staying at a cabin by a beautiful lake instead, so I guess I'll live.