30 July, 2009


as i was buying dessert in the save-on-food bakery, a very big, very bald, very gay man, who happened to be buying large quantities of sliced meat in the deli section, sidled over to me, leaned in and said, "you carry yourself beautifully!" now i may be polish,* but i know how to take a compliment which, let's be honest, was completely unexpected and incredibly sweet, so i thanked him prettily and sashayed out of there like a supermodel. so now it's official, my little poultries: i carry myself beautifully, and i shall try to keep that in mind as i wallop my hip into the wall or walk into the coffee table yet again, so i can do it beautifully as well.

*polish people, unlike north american people, are not raised on a diet of steady (and often undeserved) praise and thus have a hard time accepting compliments to the point of absurdity and sometimes rudeness. i am trying to break this trend by teaching the polish women i know that a smile and a thank you, even if painful to the complimentee, is much more pleasant to the complimentor, than a stream of awkward and vehement denials.

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