06 July, 2009

moi:1 brain:0

i am sitting here computerating and goddamn, something seems to be crawling up and down my right leg. i don't see nothin' but hot dawg, there it goes again! might be another brain melt-down symptom à la peripheral cat

speaking of brain, brain and i had a little falling out recently and i finally slapped the living shit out of it with little blue sleeping pills. take that, brain! i WILL sleep, even if i have to kill liver to do it. but it's ok. my doctor gave me these pills so they must be ok. i trust my doctor. i trust that she is absolutely not in cahoots with Big Drugs and is absolutely not trying to get me hooked on smack. my doctor is nice. she wears cool shoes, and if that's not an indication of a pure soul, i don't know what is...although my mom's evil realtor friend also wore cool shoes, so there goes that theory.

hey! i finally figured out what growing up is - it is the slow and sometimes painful process of pulling your head out of your ass and i think mine has finally reached daylight.

what do you think?

oh wait, i forgot, nobody reads this. 

p.s. my tenants' tendency to cook nice smelling meals makes me ashamed of my diet of tuna sandwiches and yogurt. 


Anonymous said...

I read it.

Anonymous said...

i was going to say that growing up for me means learning that i am not the best, the fastest, the prettiest the smartest; that it`s not true that i have unlimited choice and potential; that i can`t have everything that i want; that i am not the most important person in the room; that`i`m not going to live forever; that basically all the ideas that i had as a child that made me feel secure and confident are only illusions. and then being ok with all that. so i agree with you that growing up is basically is a process of extracting one`s head from the ass.