16 July, 2009

let us write down strange words and praise the lord of the heavens

you know that thingie that finishes your words on the phone? the same thingie that allows mad people to text as they drive? apparently my phone came with a mentally deficient (or psychotically creative) version.

in ottawa, i wanted to enter a friend's number. his name begins with POU, which my phone immediately took to mean POULTRIES. have you ever seen the word poultry pluralized? i know i haven't. even my macbook spellcheck is having trouble with it, but it works for my crazy little phone.

recently i began entering another friend's number. his name begins with FIS. what did i get, my little chickens (poultries?)? no, not fish. not fisher. i got FISCHERSPOONER. 'cause that's so immediately obvious.

i can't wait to enter new people into my phone just to see what the crazy little machine comes up with.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOL! (am I allowed to use this or will I be the subject of your nextblog entry?) I challenge your phone to come up with something for Gog