16 July, 2009

dirty girl

i like to think of myself as a reasonably clean person. ok, my floor will never be the type of floor you could eat off, but then again, who the hell wants to eat off a floor? when you can afford dishes, no less? so yeah, reasonably clean. i rarely smell, i tend to shower regularly and take pride in putting my garbage INSIDE the garbage can. 

so why is it that my laptop looks like it is the regular recipient of explosive expectorations of chunky spit? why is it always my wineglass that looks like its owner is a developmentally delayed hare-lipped 2 year old with a hypersalivation condition? 

meh, there are people living in mud hats where dusting the floor is not an issue on account of the goat getting in the way. i think i'll live. at least i know which wineglass belongs to me (hint: the empty one).

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