20 July, 2009

and then this thing happened followed by stuff: or yet another episode of my amazingly exciting life

a.m. exercise session followed by a light snack of cottage cheese and a final decimation of the small limp organic carrots from the farmers' market.

taste of edmonton (a.k.a. The Thirty Dollar Lunch Of Tiny Styrofoam Plates Filled With Delicate Dollops Of Food) with s: deeelicious padmanadi curry, decent sweet potato fries, godawful pad thai from krua wilai, not bad crab cakes and jostling for space in churchill square with various besuited men and women in high-waisted pencil skirts and stilettos which appears to be the businesswoman attire of choice for this season. s and i then walked back to my place carefully avoiding fallen trees and discussing the end of the world as we know it followed, one hopes, by the ushering of a new age of greater understanding and decreased assholism. 

spent the rest of the day sitting on my front steps, eating cherries, reading a book, drinking campari and tonic and giving the evil eye to the next door neighbour's electrician who came to check out the damage to his wiring following saturday's storm, and left his gigantic truck idling for a good 20 minutes. apparently the weather in tropical edmonton is so extreme, that to leave the truck off for 20 minutes in the excruciating 23C heat would have caused his polyester pants to melt right onto his fleshy buttocks and his man-bits to spontaneously combust.

sometimes i think that i am singlehandedly responsible for the delay in entering this coming age of greater spiritual awareness because i HATE some people THAT MUCH. and then i get over it and we move another step forward to the fulfillment of 21 december 2012 (when the mayan calendar ends...ooooooooOOOOO!!!).

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