29 June, 2009

zen cool - 0 dumb people - 100 000 000

lately i am losing the zen-cool that i've been cultivating* every time i see people trying to be smart** and failing spectacularly.

case(s) in point: 

"here here" ....aah, you mean "hear hear" perchance?
"persay"  perhaps you are referring to "per se"
"ex-patriot" riiiight, that will be "expatriate"
"bonnified" (this from an english honours grad like myself, the horror!) in all probability meaning "bona fide"

and then there are...all those...ellipses...which take...the place of...commas...for stupid people...trying to be...deep.

*make fun of my zen-cool and i shall kick you in a delicate spot. but i will smile beatifically while i do it.

** oh facebook, thy name is idiocy!


Pitur said...

I think there are comic strips about poeple like you - language nazi, or should I say natzie muahaha

the polish chick said...

why nazi? grammar is there for a reason, mainly so you don't sound like a retarded yokel every time you speak/write. i refuse to feel badly about being a stickler for linguistic and grammatical accuracy. especially in today's spellcheck universe.