24 June, 2009

wanna see my ass? today, a lot of people did!

yes, it's true. the wind and my silk skirt developed just the right kind of synergy at the superstore parking lot that as i waddled towards my car, weighed down by kilograms of cherries,* both hands full i might add, my skirt kept flirtily floating up around my waist, showing off my underoos and their contents.**

it happened again and again. and it got to the point that i finally thought, fuck it, all of south edmonton has already seen my ass, they can deal with it. if marilyn can do it, so can i!

*yes, kittens, it's that time of the year again - cherry colon cleanse time!
**that would be my ass, wherein i elegantly refer to the title of this post, cause i'm all about the elegance (and ass flashing)(and cherry colonics)

1 comment:

S said...

Haha, that's like my day, with the umbrella, the toddler, the runaway grocery cart and the skirt up around my ears!