26 June, 2009

wanna be my friend?

how many facebook "friends" do YOU have? for a while there i was playing the "friend" whore like everybody else. 365 friends! yay! except i don't even know that many people. i would be forced to ask strangers sitting next to me on the bus to become my "friends" to pad those numbers, and i have not fallen so low yet. 

and now, filled to the brim with the joy of purging (clothes! furniture! "friends"!) i have been systematically culling:
so you worked with me for a week last year before being dismissed for a bad attitude? gone! 
so we met once at last monday's award show and then talked (very) briefly in the bathroom? sorry!
so we worked together for a long time but now you ignore my every attempt at communication? b'bye! 
so you used to cut my hair but your monumental unreliability drove me to self medicate? see ya!
so i (allegedly) met you once at a party over a decade ago? too bad!

and now my facebook "friends" page is a little more reflective of actual friendships or at the very least a degree of acquaintanceship that allows me to look at your name and not feel like i'm selling out for the sake of some mythical e-popularity.

1 comment:

Sue said...

Whew! I'm so happy to see that I've made the cut!