21 June, 2009

so uncool

several years ago, before we got our ipod, i felt like that kid at school, you know: the one with the perpetually greasy hair and bad complexion, the one whose pants were always a little too short and whose shirt always sported some sort of mysterious stain. yeah, that kid. 

here was everyone walking around, white ear buds prominently displayed, sashaying to the inner beat of their sexy apple product. not me. remember, i was that kid. i even briefly considered getting white earbuds, taping their end inside my shirt pocket, and bopping around with all the cool kids, but i didn't. i figured if i was going to be uncool, i'd be uncool bravely, shouting it from the rooftops that i did not have an ipod! LOSER! yah.

then we got an ipod and everything was ok. for a while.

now everyone and their dog seems to have an iphone. and, again, i am that kid. except where i actually wanted an ipod, i have absolutely no desire to have an iphone, especially not with a perfectly functioning little motorola that doesn't scare the crap out of me with its multitudinous functions, an existing phone that actually works that i have no desire to retire to the landfill for its sin of not being au courant

see, i want a phone that i can use to phone people. the end. i don't want to use my phone to check my email (fingers too big!), facebook people, GPS my exact position, shop, record and mix music, cook a wicked souffle, watch a movie, walk the dog etc. i have things that do all that for me already. 

besides, i think this ability to constantly "communicate" is really cutting into our ability to actually communicate. you know, with words spoken out of our mouths while sitting down and facing each other. remember that? or am i just being that kid again?

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Pitur said...

Don't worry, I don't even have an ipod. I am sporting an iriver.