20 June, 2009

overheard at the sugarbowl

what actually happened:

little boy: da-ad? what's the fastest BMW? is it the Z40*?
yuppie dad: (smiling indulgently) no, son, it's the MX6. it's the fastest car in the world. 
little boy: da-ad? what if you put a V12 engine in the Z40?
yuppie dad: (chuckling and messing kid's hair) it wouldn't fit.
little boy: but da-ad? what if it did?
yuppie dad: then sure, son, it would be very very fast.

it sure is heartwarming to see parents pass their values on to their young, even ridiculously shallow yuppie values...

what i wish had happened:

little boy: da-ad? who's got the baddest booty in hollywood? is it beyonce?
yuppie dad: (smiling indulgently) no, son, it's j-lo. she has the baddest booty in the world.
little boy: da-ad? but what if you fed beyonce a lot of pizza 73 and twelve-packs of donuts?
yuppie dad: (chuckling) son, you know beyonce would never eat that kind of stuff! she subsists on lemon juice and cayenne pepper and sometimes cristal.
little boy: but da-ad? what if she did?
yuppie dad: then, sure, son, her booty would shift into overdrive.

*all car terminology is completely made up on account of me a) not giving a shit and b) not knowing the difference between a V6 and a clamato juice.

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Geneviève said...

So it was you...I was sitting in the Highlevel Diner and thought I caught a glance of you going by. I was having dinner with my sister and my adopted sister from childhood. I recommend the quiche. But even more so the Skor cheesecake. I don't fit in the new skirt I bought only last week.