18 June, 2009

the one about the thing with the stuff on top and then it ended

hey! news flash! tuesday and today you know what i did on the couch? no, not that, you dirty minded little shit, i napped! yes! me! moi! i actually took two 15 minute catnaps of the kind regularly taken by normal people. 

now, is there anything worse than raisins? well, ok, hitler. or stalin. or any number of violent psychopaths with weapons of mass destruction, but you get my point, no? no? ok. moving right along...

we went to a summer solstice concert tonight put on by the edmonton chamber music society and i got my pants rocked by arvo pärt's fratres. goosebumps, big goofy grin, tears in the eyes, the works. and i'll get to hear it all over again on saturday. pärt rocks. you rock, pärt! rock on, you crazy estonian bastard, rock on!

tomorrow i will be getting my ass kicked on a hill, to make a bit of a change from the usual friday morning ass kicking on the playground. if you hear no more from me, it is likely that i am hospitalized in a full body cast from attempting to simultaneously fuck with mother nature, uncle gravity and cousin ground. send flowers, but please don't come and visit; it'll be pathetic.

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