30 June, 2009

ok, people: reality check!

i just love it when bloggers in toronto or chicago complain about their short summer. riiight. y'all are already sniffing tulips when we are up to our armpits in snow. i know, because i follow your blogs: you write about magnolias; i write about late season snowstorms. you walk on grass; i slip on ice. you dress your children up in cute halloween costumes; my (entirely theoretical) children wear parkas over their fairy wings and furry hats over their tiaras. you talk about the beauty of the fall colours; all i see is white. 

don't talk to me about a short summer just because you don't live in california or hawaii. i've lived in both chicago and toronto, and y'all can suck it up and cope. you want real up-your-ass winter? this just might be the place for you. come on down.

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