30 June, 2009

medicine man

last night mister monkey took out my stitches and did not pass out. the man is toughening up, being with me. all the bleeding fingers he has had to bandage, all the bits and pieces of me that he has had to stuff back in through the open wounds, all the past, present and future trauma is finally making a man of him.

he did well, too. told me not to look, snipped them off and pulled them right out. even i got a little queasy. of course the wounds opened up right away and all my arm guts started pouring out and had to be stopped up with handy circular 3M bandages. i'm ok now. i think i'll live. for a while at least. 

i apologize for the extreme boringness of my blog recently. i think maybe i should simply lay off the writing (i'm sure all 3 of my readers will forgive me) until i have something entertaining to say. i mean, sure, my medical trials and tribulations are hilarious and all, but you know, maybe i'll wait until something momentous happens and i actually lose an appendage.

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