18 June, 2009

in which i gently ramble on about the things that piss me off this week:

that my nails grow so bloody fast. i cannot have a full time job, i'm too bloody busy filing my bloody nails all the bloody time. 

that i still get zits - hello! i'm 37! i have wrinkles! WHEN WILL THIS END?!!?!?!?

that although i am now more active than i have ever been in my entire adult life, the weight is not budging, and i am NOT talking about the numbers, i am talking about my secret skinny pants. the scale may be confused, but the pants, the pants do not lie. still, i seem to be enjoying this new running, boot camping, circuit training moi, so let's stick with it and give the bikini fantasies a rest. 

that mr. monkey is still stuck up in the siberian wastelands, while the summer it is a-passing. 

the...irresponsible...and incorrect...use...of...ellipses...when a...FUCKING COMMA...would do.

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